Zameya understands the meaning of random acts of kindness

Every single Thursday, without fail, Big Sister Jen and Little Sister Zameya talk with each other on the phone. They talk about school, Zameya’s pet cat, what their days were like, and what they want to do when they see each other next. “We talk about how she wants to continue to do well in school,” says Jen. “She loves science and wants to grow, get a job, and be ‘really, really, smart.’” Zameya’s grandmother Audrey believes that these weekly conversations clearly show Jen’s dedication to her granddaughter and help to keep the match strong.

Raising Zameya by herself, Audrey says that there are often challenges and she has sought out as much support as possible. “I appreciate Big Brothers Big Sisters and all that Zameya’s Big does,” she says. Jen has gone above and beyond for her Little Sister, and this is clearly evident. For instance, in honor of their first year as Big and Little, Jen made Zameya a book of all of the fun things they had done together. It was a beautiful way to show the great impact that they had had on one another and at the end was written, “More fun to come.”

Zameya and her Big Sister have had so many amazing moments together, but one in particular that stood out to Jen was a weekend when they made cookies together. There were dozens left over and Zameya asked if she could share them with other people. “She wanted to give cookies to my front desk person and some strangers on the way to the car,” Jen remembers. Zameya completely understood the meaning of a random act of kindness and her smile was from ear to ear. She has matured a great deal since the beginning of the match and with the help of her Big Sister, is becoming the smart, respectable woman that her grandmother hoped she would become.

“We are perfect for each other,” says Big Sister Jen. “We are both silly, love to have a good time and have similar interests. Zameya trusts me, shows me she cares about me and knows I feel the same way about her!”

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