Sanjay is invested in his Little Brother's future and can't wait to be there every step of the way

Big Brother Sanjay decided he wanted to give back to the community and was searching around for the right organization to get involved with when he found Big Brothers Big Sisters. Drawn in by the flexibility of the program, he quickly applied to be paired with a Little Brother. “I liked the fact that I would be able to build a long term relationship with a kid and make a big difference,” Sanjay says. And he has done just that.

Sanjay has been matched with his Little Brother Kyle for almost five years and has witnessed him transform from a child to a young adult. “Big Brothers Big Sisters did a great job matching us together,” Sanjay says. “Our relationship has become stronger but I’ve never had any problems with Kyle. He is open-minded, willing to try new things and a really down-to-earth kid.” Kyle’s mother, Carla, is also very pleased with the match and says that one of the reasons it has been a success is Sanjay’s commitment and dedication. “He is phenomenal,” she says. “He doesn’t view it as something that he has to do, but has really taken an interest in Kyle’s well-being.”

The relationship is solid and the two have grown very close. Kyle was even a guest at his Big Brother’s wedding and met all of Sanjay’s friends and family, who had already heard all about Sanjay’s wonderful Little Brother. The wedding featured both a traditional Indian ceremony and a Jewish ceremony which was something Kyle had never experienced before. “It’s important to understand diversity and not to be close minded,” Carla says, “and he learns that from Sanjay.”

The pair will be graduating from the program soon, as Kyle is approaching his high school graduation but, they will not lose touch. Sanjay is invested in his Little Brother’s future and can’t wait to be there every step of the way.

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