Big Sister Jen & Little Sister Zameya

Every Thursday, without fail, Big Sister Jen and Little Sister Zameya talk with each other on the phone. They talk about school, Zameya’s pet cat, what their days were like, and what they want to do when they see each other next. “We talk about how she wants to continue to do well in school,” said Jen. “She loves science and wants to grow, get a job, and be ‘really, really, smart.’”

Zameya’s grandmother, Audrey, believes that these weekly conversations help to keep the match strong and show Big Sister Jen’s dedication to her granddaughter.
Raising Zameya by herself, Audrey said there are challenges, but she has sought out as much support as possible. “I appreciate Big Brothers Big Sisters and all that Zameya’s Big Sister does,” she said.

Zameya and Jen have made many memories together, but one that stands out was a weekend when they made cookies together. There were dozens left over, and Zameya asked if she could share them with other people. “She wanted to give cookies to my front desk person and some strangers on the way to the car,” Jen recalled.

Big Sister Jen was so impressed with Zameya's random acts of kindness. The cookie weekend highlighted how much Zameya has matured since they met.

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